“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

– Mother Teresa

Food Waste Pledge

Our objective is to reduce food waste by shifting towards more locally grown protein and plant-rich foods. It is a credible and proven way to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

OUR PLEDGE ON FOOD WASTE – Every day we actively work toward a zero food waste retreat center. We aspire to be conscious not only about the ingredients we use, but also what we throw away. In 2023, we are pledging to turn food scraps into nutrient-dense fertilizer to grow new food out of old food.

We also measure our trash every day so we know how much we throw away and why. We look forward to diverting half of our waste in 2023 from landfill and reducing waste by 50%. This makes a big difference in both our bottom line and our environmental impact.

Cheers to being green!

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