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We do accept guest post and are always seeking talented contributors who specialize
in health and wellness, holistic practices, nutrition, fitness, meditation and yoga.

Kindly note our topics follow a calendar and have certain guidelines to follow. Please read more below:

Topic Categories We like:

Holistic Health

Health and Wellness

Love and Relationships

Recipes and Nutrition




Women’s Health Fertility

Leaders Mindset

Sports and Adventure

Spa and Beauty



Vegetarian Cuisine

RV Living

Healthy Lifestyle Product

Please see Article Submission Guidelines

Be 100% original and not published on any other resources. We are going to run your copy through a plagiarism checker, so please make sure it is written as an original.

2500 Words

Contain at least 2,500 words in length or more!

Appealing Graphics

Contain relevant appealing graphics, images, infographics, analytics, videos, etc.

Not be Identical

Not be identical to any of the topics we have already written about.

Advertisement for a service

Not to be an advertisement for a service, brand, or product nor self-serving promotional.

Cannot include links

Cannot include links to any of our competitors.


Does Provide value to our readers.

Specific Information

Does provide highly detailed and technically specific information

Actionable Advice

Offer actionable advice, step-by-step instructions, checklists, or code snippets.

Be well-researched

Be well-researched and fully supported with numbers, metrics, and other statistical measurements of success. Also include not less than 10 links to reputable sources.

Include all Images

Include all images as separate attachments (at least eight images) f.ex. images, infographics, screenshots, technical illustrations, diagrams and charts, animated GIFs. If you use third-party images, don’t forget to provide the link to the original.

link to Your Social Media

Include one do-follow link to your website and one link to your social media profile in your bio.

Edit Articles as Needed

We reserve the right to not publish articles that do not meet our guidelines and edit articles as needed.

Tricks of The Trade on Writing Content for The House of Rose:

Create a catchy title!

Perhaps use numbers or wordplay to make your title intriguing.

Paragraph Length

No need to make a long paragraph, keep them short - this will allow readers to stay entertained.

Short Sentences

We prefer to keep sentences to the point.

Finish Strong

The end of your post will be the last thing someone reads. Try to make it memorable and finish strong.

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