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Nov, 2023

The Gut-Brain Connection: How Probiotics Can Reduce Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a familiar struggle where feelings lead us to the kitchen, not hunger. In these moments, comfort is sought in food – a chocolate bar, perhaps, to fill a deeper emotional need. This chocolate bar is a temporary fix, a lesson we’ve all learned, but how can we break free from such quick fixes? The solution may require a shift in mindset, as commonly advised, or perhaps there is a simpler solution we’ve overlooked.

Oct, 2023

Social Support & Group Therapy Evidence on Why Peer Support Reduces Emotional Eating Triggers

When faced with emotional challenges or social pressures, some people turn to negative coping mechanisms like excessive drinking, smoking, or procrastination. Among these responses, some turn to food for comfort, a behavior commonly known as emotional eating. Group therapy, where people discuss their issues in a collective setting, offers a valuable method to address such behaviors. A subset of group therapy is support groups which provide emotional eaters a safe space to share, learn from each other, and heal. Understanding how these groups function and the many benefits they provide offers valuable insights into the world of healing and personal growth.

Oct, 2023

Mindful Eating: Understanding Complex Influences and Reacting to Hunger Cues

While our bodies communicate hunger through both physical and emotional signals, there are ways to hone your ability to recognize these cues. Mindful exercises, in particular, can help in this process.  Some of these exercises are hunger sensation meditation, body scanning, and journalling, all designed to increase your awareness of how your body feels. Read more to learn.

Oct, 2023

Hormonal Changes and Emotional Eating Understanding the Link between Menopause and Food Cravings

Menopause can reshape our relationship with food and make us more prone to emotional eating and less healthy choices. As hormones change and life evolves, many of us find solace in comfort foods due to a mix of hormonal and personal factors, each leaving its mark on how we view and consume food. Understanding the […]

Aug, 2023

THOR Retreats Center: Exploring Natural Wonders: Scenic Overlooks, Campgrounds, and More near THOR Mountain.

Nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Tellico Plains area, Tennessee, offers nature enthusiasts a gateway to breathtaking scenic beauty and a multitude of outdoor recreational activities. From sweeping vistas to lush forests, cascading waterfalls to well-maintained campgrounds, this charming town and its surroundings are a haven for those seeking an escape into nature’s embrace. In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the most stunning scenic overlooks, campgrounds, forests, national parks, waterfalls, and recreational activities that await visitors near Tellico Plains.

Aug, 2023

Top Retreat Centers in the USA to Help You Kickstart Your Wellness Journey

Known as sanctuaries of tranquility, retreat centers offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Found in idyllic locations like mountains, lush forests, and alongside bodies of water, retreats create a calming ambiance that promotes peace and introspection.

Aug, 2023

Transformative Yoga Retreats to Relax and Realign Your Spirit

By engaging guests in a variety of mindful activities, retreats create an environment that encourages reflection, introspection, and connection, helping guests to cultivate mindfulness and a deeper sense of inner peace. By also nurturing the symbiotic relationship between physical health and mental serenity, retreats offer an integrated approach to holistic wellness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all facets of wellbeing.

Jul, 2023

Best Wellness Retreats Near Knoxville, Tennessee & The Smoky Mountains

Our review of the top wellness retreats near and within Tennessee’s Upper Cumberland and Smoky Mountains, adding to the charm of Knoxville and its surrounding regions. These wellness and fitness retreats house a range of accommodations, from deluxe suites to rustic cabins, each offering a unique perspective of the valley’s stunning views.

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