THOR is on the top of a mountain at approximate altitude of 1,100’, so it can be hot, cold, dry, and wet all in one day!

Here is a brief description of how the weather varies per season. We has a moderate climate featuring cool, but not cold, winters and warm summers. The drop in elevation from east to west causes temperatures to rise significantly during the summer.

General Weather Highlights:

Summer High:the July high is around 88 degrees
Winter Low:
the January low is 27 degrees
averages 53 inches of rain a year
averages 5 inches of snow a year

Spring (May – early June) will have cold nights down to around freezing, and cool and often sunny daysSummer (July and August) bring warmer nights and even hot days with afternoon thundershowers

Fall (September and October) the weather gets cooler during the days and evenings, the sun shines, the rain or snow may fall, and the aspens show off their vibrant leaves

Winter (November-April) nights are usually very cold and days are generally rainy with often blue and windy skies. Snow can come and blanket the land in silence. During winter, flexibility is a must as road conditions effect access to THOR. Drinking lots of water, using sunscreen, and layered clothing are all a must! The land itself has rolling hills and valleys with forested slopes and large meadow/grassland areas.